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Alastair Taylor running

Alastair is a successful serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, having started, run, and sold businesses in the digital marketing, advertising, sales promotion, publishing and online media segments. He has experience in a full spectrum of management, consulting, and supporting roles.

Alastair also focuses his time on motivational speaking and assisting executives with Business Development through his consulting practice.

He is an active marathon and ultra marathon competitor and enjoys his time as a blind marathon runner Guide with Achilles Canada.

He is a lifelong auto racing enthusiast, having participated in a variety of amateur racing series for over 30 years, and served for three years as the chief race organizer of the Toronto Molson Indy event.

Alastair is also been a passionate part-time professor in marketing and business management with Seneca College, leading their business and entrepreneurial curriculums for over 18 years.

His other interests include yoga and his home away from home in Muskoka.